Raising Testosterone Levels

Raising testosterone levels, there are several ways to accomplish this, but there is only one way to do so with absolute assurance. Raising testosterone levels is a claim made by many over the counter (OTC) supplements; however, in most cases, the claim is rather weak. Make no mistake, some supplements can do a pretty decent job, but the overall satisfaction will simply depend on your individual desires. If raising testosterone levels is something you'd like to achieve, we want to look at the methods at your disposal. But first, let's find out why you might want to do this.

The Purpose of Raising Testosterone Levels:

The purpose of raising testosterone levels is simple, so that you have more testosterone in your body. The question at hand is why would you want higher levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, men and women need it, but men need approximately ten times as much. This hormone plays numerous roles in the body, and is for all intense purposes one of the most essential hormones we produce. Those who suffer from low levels will find they may suffer physically, mentally and sexually. A loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and a fatter, weaker and less muscular physique are all common symptoms. Many find their energy levels are drained; they may suffer from depression and a host of other bothersome effects. By raising testosterone levels, the low level patient is simply no longer in a low level state, and as a result, the symptoms of low testosterone are remedied.

Another reason for raising testosterone levels is to enhance performance. This could be to directly enhance athletic performance, but in most cases, it is done in order to build a better physique. With more testosterone in the body, there's more of the hormone available to do what the hormone does best. Every area in which a low level patient suffers will be greatly enhanced. That may sound simple, but the purpose of raising testosterone levels really isn't that complicated.

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Raising Testosterone Levels with Food:

Raising testosterone levels through your diet is possible. Certain foods have been shown to increase natural testosterone production; especially foods that contain healthy dietary fats. A diet that contains lean red meat, salmon, whole eggs, nuts and peanut butter will normally increase testosterone production. Will it increase them tremendously? Probably not, but it can make a difference. However, for the low level individual who cannot naturally produce testosterone adequately, raising testosterone levels with food will not have much of an affect. Such individuals will need a more direct approach.

Raising Testosterone Levels with OTC Supplements:

Raising testosterone levels with some OTC supplements is possible. However most of the OTC supplements that make this claim will have little to no real affect when it comes to raising testosterone levels. If you suffer from low testosterone, this is not a good option for you. If you're looking to increase your levels for the purpose of performance, the right supplement may give you a little boost, but it's unlikely it will be that significant.

Directly Raising Testosterone Levels:

If truly raising testosterone levels is a need or desire, there's really only one option for you, exogenous testosterone therapy. Exogenous testosterone therapy refers to the use of synthetic testosterone. This represents the same hormone manufactured by your body, but in this case, its point of origin is a pharmaceutical compounding facility. Supplement with exogenous testosterone and raising testosterone levels becomes a reality.

There are several testosterone compounds that can serve this purpose. They come in numerous administration forms, but they are not equal in effectiveness. Transdermal applications are very common for treating low levels, and they can get the job done; however, they're not always enough. Transdermal forms are relatively useless for enhancing performance, as it would take massive doses due to this form's low absorption rate. There are also subcutaneous implant pellets. These can be fantastic for raising testosterone levels in the low level patient, and they will normally get the job done. However, they are once again a little weak for the performance minded.

When it comes to raising testosterone levels, the best bet for anyone is the use of injectable testosterone. Regardless of the purpose, this will work each and every time with an extremely high level of effectiveness. If you suffer from low levels, the problem will be remedied fully each and every time so as long as you're administering adequate amounts. For the performance minded, there is really no limit as to how far you can take this. Of course, safety issues become a concern if you take your levels too high and you'll need to use some common sense, but nothing will beat this method.