Low Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone levels are no joking matter. While they are not life-threatening they can severely diminish your overall quality of life. The most common reason for low testosterone levels is age. As we age our natural hormone levels fall. The rate of decline will vary with each person, but for most men testosterone levels will begin to fall steadily by age thirty and rapidly by age forty. Unfortunately, there is no cure for low testosterone levels. Once you have low levels, you have low levels. However, we can remedy the situation quite easily, and in most cases, there is really no logical reason for forgoing treatment should your levels be low.

Low Testosterone Levels Ė Symptoms:

If you have low testosterone levels and desire treatment, you will need to see your doctor, undergo a physical and have blood work done. This is the only way to officially determine your levels, and most U.S. physicians will call a reading of 300ng/dl or lower a low level state. While you will need this test to officially determine your condition, if you have low testosterone levels there are symptoms that are very strong indicators. Most men who suffer from two or more of the listed symptoms below will have low testosterone levels, and if ignored the symptoms will only get worse.

Testosterone Levels,Steroids
  • Decreased Libido (partial or total loss)

∑ Erectile Dysfunction (can include inability to maintain or obtain)

  • Increased Body Fat (despite diet & exercise)

∑ Loss of Muscle Mass (despite diet & exercise)

  • Loss of Strength (despite diet & exercise)
  • Loss of Energy
  • Lethargy
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of Mental Clarity
  • Loss of Mental Focus
  • Decreased Rate of Physical Recovery
  • Loss of Muscular Endurance
  • Depression
  • Irritability

As you can see, low testosterone levels can negatively affect several areas of your life, but we have more bad news. Not only are the symptoms damaging to your quality of life, if ignored low testosterone levels have been linked to promoting far more serious conditions such as Alzheimerís, diabetes and osteoporosis just to name a few.

Remedy Low Testosterone Levels:

If you have low testosterone levels there is only one absolutely assured solution, and it comes in the form of exogenous testosterone therapy. There are many forms of exogenous testosterone therapy; however, in all forms you are using the same, identical testosterone hormone. This is the same hormone your body naturally produces, but in this case, it is a necessary synthetic model as youíre no longer producing enough. In order to alleviate your low testosterone levels, the following represent your primary options:

∑ Transdermal Testosterone: There are two common forms of transdermal testosterone medications, patches and gels. The gel version will be slightly more effective than the patch in most cases, but if used it is important the applied skin does not come into contact with any children or women for several hours after administration. The downside of transdermal forms is there low absorption rate, but it is often strong enough to do the job for a lot of men. Another possible downside is skin irritation; an irritation that might exist but can only exist with transdermal forms.

∑ Subcutaneous Implant Pellets: Testosterone pellets that are administered under the skin are rapidly becoming popular for treating low testosterone levels. While transdermal medications must be applied daily, if you use pellets you can see the doctor once every 4-6 months and thatís it. Thereís no at home therapy like there is with your transdermal medication; you simply have the pellets inserted and let them release testosterone into your body over an extended period of time. This is by far a superior form of treatment over transdermal patches and gels.

∑ Injectable Testosterone: Without question, when it comes to treating low testosterone levels injectable testosterone is the most effective. This puts the needed testosterone hormone in the body immediately and at the highest concentrated rate possible. How often youíll need such therapy will be dependent on the form of testosterone used. In the U.S. Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate are the most common forms. Most men will need an injection at least once every two weeks. However, most will find once every 7-10 days to be far more efficient.