Increasing Testosterone Levels

Testosterone level in a body usually contains around 350ng/dl to 1000ng/dl. It has been proved that a human hair starts falling from head at the age of 40, however the consequences could be more worse likewise, obesity, weak muscles, brittle bones as well as brittle muscles including weak sex power till a person reaches 60’s. To avoid the above mentioned issues one has to keep his testosterone level on a standard level or its better to say keep it balanced. In this article you will learn about how to keep it balance and how long you should take care of it.

Before I continue to say something about the methods of increasing testosterone levels I want to warn those people who are planning to increase their testosterone level by adopting the illegal steroids and other products which declares as rapid testosterone increasing products from the markets. Remember this can be dangerous for your health and almost every illegal product have side effects. Once you are harm due to those products there is no guarantee for your recovery in the medical sectors so be aware of it. The only thing that can increase your testosterone level without side effect will take time and for that you have to make continue efforts. Remember there is no short cut in the life for anything.

Testosterone is basically passes through the veins along with blood to the different cells in the body by providing them strengths; therefore a proper well planned diet can do lot of wonders for sure. Increasing testosterone level in the body has few steps to follow.

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Step 1- Eat

You need to eat a smart amount of food (calories) which your body requires to keep your bodyweight active and healthy. Eat beef, fish, nuts, seeds, olives, red meat, eggs and dairy products on daily basis one by one. Moreover, eat carbs, broccoli, cauliflowers and proteins drinks; whey proteins and carb shakes before your exercises on daily basis.

Step 2- Precautions

Though in step one you have been asked to eat different items on daily basis but you must avoid overeating, too much alcohol intake, avoid soda and other drinks if possible otherwise reduce the quantity of these liquids. Furthermore, do not exceed one item intake, try to keep balance everything and do not forget to do exercises for outstanding results.

To give you a better idea below is a small example what you can take in one day.


Eggs, cream not more than one packet with half avocado whereas in morning snacks you should take yogurt, 1 banana with one nut.


Turkey meat, whole bread maximum 2 slices and half avocado


Sirloin Steak and rice along with not more than one cup cauliflower

Remember this whole diet is for one day and would contain approximately 4000 calories and almost 200 proteins.